English 253 Rough Draft of Essay Final

English 253 Rough Draft of Essay Final - Don't Judge a Book...

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Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover: Find the Beauty Within The evolution of intellectual movements: Realism, Modernism, and Postmodernism expressed the different concerns and views of authors, but also challenged the views of readers. Realism introduced the simplicity of humans, drawing attention to one’s daily concerns of the middle class. Modernism departed from traditional texts, and focused on the insignificance, alienation, and abandonment of the individual. Postmodernism, in essence stems from Modernist ideas, however, Postmodern writers concentrated on truth and interpretation while scrutinizing the views of others. Although these literary perspectives differ, they connect through a human obsession: appearance. Thus, the authors of Realism, Modernism, and Postmodernism use global perceptions of appearances to emphasize the character’s faulty and ignorant views of stability. Beginning in the 19 th Century, this idea of literary characters fixating on the superficiality of physical appearance and the need for stability became a focus of many Realist authors. Among them, French author Gustave Flaubert writes about his personal accounts and experiences of his journey to the Middle East in “Travels in Egypt” (1850). Accompanied by his companion Max, Flaubert visits numerous brothels in Cairo, Egypt where he shortly reveals his physical fascination of the prostitutes they encounter. He, for instance, centralizes on the outwardly appearances of their “ornamented” (456) clothing and “slightly coffee coloured” (456) skin. By placing emphasis on the guises of these harlots, Flaubert reveals his own superficiality and instability of things that surely fade and decay through time, such as the ornamented attire and perfectly colored skin. The ornamented clothing will eventually tarnish, and lose its sparkle, while the skin gradually
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ages, wrinkles, and then rots. Along with the physical attributes of the prostitutes, he also fixates on the intricacies of their dances, referring to them as “marvelous movement[s]” (456) and “a kind of rhythmic limping of great character” (456). In describing the
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English 253 Rough Draft of Essay Final - Don't Judge a Book...

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