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Prompt and Quotations - years into uncertainty”...

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Vanessa Reapor Wiley English 253, Section 06 October 13, 2009 Prompt In Romanticism, nature is conveyed as an omnipotent force that closely resembles the human life cycle. To what extent do authors use nature as an omnipotent force to mirror the journey of existence? Why does it matter that they emphasize this power to resemble the life cycle? Quotations 1. “Fateless as babes asleep……Calm clarity” (Hyperion’s Song of Fate” Lines 7-15). - Early Stages: oblivious to the troubles of the world 2. “Blindly from one to the next moment like water flung from rock to rock down long
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Unformatted text preview: years into uncertainty” (“Hyperion’s Song of Fate” Lines 20-24).- Growing up becomes harder 3. “The fierce flame scorches the soul” (“From the Seashore” Lines 31-32).- Flame is slowly dying, each day we slowly reach our “ending point” 4.. “May the moaning wind and sighing reed, may the delicate scent of your fragrant breeze, may everything that we hear and see and breathe, awaken the memory of—their love” (“The Lake” Lines 61-64).- Coming to terms with nature- Accepting life Texts 1. The Lake 2. From the Seashore 3. Tintern Abbey...
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Prompt and Quotations - years into uncertainty”...

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