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1992 Riots Newspaper Coverage Search Notes - "Library...

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"Library Opens Talks on Black Liberation in Wake of LA Riots." Ethnic News Watch . ProQuest, 15 June 1992. Web. 11 May 2010.<http:///proquest.umi. VName=PQD>. In the aftermath of the rebellion in Los Angeles from Apr 29-May 1, 1992 , intense discussions are underway in Chicago on the meaning of that event and its impact on urban problems locally. Lee, Kapson Y. "Parenting Their Parents' Generation." Ethnic News Watch . ProQuest, 10 Mar. 1993. Web. 11 May 2010.<http://proquest.umi.com/pqdweb?did= But in 1992 , in the aftermath of the Los Angeles riots , KAC emerged as a vital entity in the community. Its role to represent and service the community proved to be indispensable. Its annual budget, which had ranged from $10,000 to $90,000 during the nine-year period, leaped to solid six figures when it received $250,000 from the New York Life Foundation to help riot victims and develop programs promoting better race relations. Last week's fundraiser, which was attended by more than 600 people, included many leaders from first- generation, Korean-speaking organizations, and is expected to bring $110,000 to its coffer, according to exequtive director Jerry Yu. "In 1992 we went through a great deal of suffering and hardship. Many of us, elderly and not just Korean Americans, are still suffering. It will not go away in one year but take three, four years to recover," Yu said. "In the aftermath of the civil disturbances, many of us in the Korean American community have learned what friendship and support mean. .., a kind of friendship we received from Latino Americans, African Americans, other Asian Americans and Jewish Americans. Aubry, Erin J. "Keeping Hope Alive in Los Angeles." Ethnic News Watch . It all started with the bus tour that businessman John Bryant pulled together in the aftermath of Los Angeles ' civil unrest in 1992 . Driven by a desire to do something immediate that would have a long-term impact on troubled South Central L.A., Bryant rounded up a host of bankers and businesspeople. He took them through sections of the city that many of them had privately considered an economic wasteland, particularly in the wake of riots that had burned new holes in the already blighted landscape. Bryant's myriad efforts to stimulate inner-city growth operate under a nonprofit umbrella called Operation Hope. The organization is essentially a consortium of bankers, lenders and a growing list of businesspeople who agreed to invest funds and services in South Central with Bryant as their liaison. The group, which has a 1995 budget of approximately $600,000, has funneled more than $4 million into South Central since its inception.
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1992 Riots Newspaper Coverage Search Notes - &quot;Library...

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