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Extra Credit #3 - can be applied to business”(Byrnes Some...

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Vanessa Reapor Managerial Accounting March 1, 2010 Extra Credit #3 “Management Lessons from a Triumphant Olympics” Bill Demong and Johnny Spillane, “members of the U.S. Nordic Combined Ski Team won gold and silver in the sport’s final Olympic event” (Byrnes) and is considered “one of the more amazing turnaround stories of the Olympics” (Byrnes). Since 1988, the US team struggled to podium due to lack of funding and very little athletic talent. However, Tom Steitz—Head Coach in 1988—“set a methodical approach to turning the team around and set ambitious goals that put it on the path that would lead to Vancouver” (Byrnes). Steitz also believes that “the team’s [successful and positive] transformation
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Unformatted text preview: can be applied to business” (Byrnes). Some of his approaches were: moving the unproductive out quickly, setting big goals and plan to build to them, and spending time together. In correlation to our course, Steitz acted as a manager who planned accordingly to achieve goals and did what he believed was best for his company, the athletes. Citation: 1. Byrnes, Nanette. "Management Lessons from a Triumphant Olympics." Business Week . 26 Feb. 2010. Web. 28 Feb. 2010. <http://www.businessweek.com /careers/managementiq/archives/2010/02/management_less_1.html>....
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