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Raising the Bar Summary

Raising the Bar Summary - also has a Wellness Program...

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Vanessa Reapor Managerial Accounting March 7, 2010 Raising the Bar Pgs. 270-277 This section highlights the perks and benefits for being an employee at Clif’s because the company aims at promoting balanced lives, and sustaining high morale within their staff. For instance, every seven years an employee is eligible for a 3 month paid sabbatical and can extend the sabbatical for another 3 months, but without pay. This sabbatical program provides opportunities for employees to explore life. The company
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Unformatted text preview: also has a Wellness Program directed to employees’ physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. In the Clif’s warehouse there is a gym that offers more than 20 exercise classes with personal trainers, a dance studio, and a two-story climbing wall. To shorten days and stress at inexpensive costs, Clif’s offers Concierge Services: with onsite laundry machines, company hairstylist, caterer to cook and deliver meals, as well as top masseuses....
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