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Axe Competitors

Axe Competitors - Top manufacturers of deodorants were...

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Top manufacturers of deodorants were Procter and Gamble, Gillette, Unilever and Colgate- Palmolive. Axe holds the top spot in the male body spray category with $71 million in sales; followed by Tag (a unit of Gillette, acquired by P&G in 2005, which is managed separately from Old Spice) with $21 million in sales and 30% growth for the period; and Old Spice, up 5.5% to $10 million Marketing mix company product place price promotion Axe Body Spray, Unilever Attractive smell and an eye- catching packaging. For men between 15 and 25. 8 different body spray 60 countries all over the world. Sold in many places to make the consumer feel that it can be easy to find everywhere. It’s also used as a perfume. So, the price is a little bit higher than a traditional deodorant Between 4.99$ and 5.39$ Really efficient and innovating campaign = the axe effect. Brand image = to be addictive for women. Medias : posters, magazines, mostly internet and television. Old Spice Body Spray, Procter & Gamble later teens into the 20's consumers= 18 to 34 5 body spray = each one has a goal 4.79$ = not expansive because both perfume and deodorant They use famous people image to promote their body sprays. Distinguishing packaging. Several websites. Based on their experience. Social network : twitter, myspace, facebook Tag Body Spray, Procter and gamble For teenagers. 4 body sprays In almost every supermarket About 4.99$ Campaign based on “attract women) Endorsement by famous people Tv spots Degree, Unilever Antiperspirant, not a body spray. They promote the effectiveness in fighting odor. Uses different slogans.
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Axe body spray, unilever Target market : men between 15 and 25. Its competitors rather target men between 25 and 45. marketing strategy : sold in 60 countries and leader in Europeans and Latin-Americans countries. Leader in Canada. Axe develop an innovating and efficient campaign aimed at promoting the axe effect and sex appeal appearing thanks to the deodorant, instead of promoting the efficiency of the deodorant like the other brands. Axe focuses on its communication : it spends a lot of money to promote the new products : they are really creative and are not afraid of being extravagant. The streaming video, plus downloads to cell phones and Sony ( SNE ) PlayStations this summer, a video game, blogs, and chatrooms are
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Axe Competitors - Top manufacturers of deodorants were...

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