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Strengths and Weaknesses - male consumers Old Spice heavily...

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Product: Axe has the largest array of thirteen body sprays, then Old Spice with five, and Tag with three sprays. Although Degree Men does not have a body spray line they have a variety of dependable stick deodorants. Target Segment: Degree Men has the best and wider target sector ranging from: young men to older men. Through the use of their body spray line, Old Spice has also broadened their target market by extending their services to adolescent male. Both Axe and Tag Body Spray, however, only capture the younger male consumers. Promotion: Sex appeal has helped Axe become a strong promoter and a highly recognizable brand. They have come out triumphant with their extensive commercials, memorable slogans, etc. Tag products are less recognizable, but their use of celebrity endorsements has helped them attract many eager young
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Unformatted text preview: male consumers. Old Spice heavily markets their experience and longevity. Degree uses all the same promotion techniques, but have inadequate results compared to Axe, Tag, and Old Spice. Price: All of the product prices are generally the same. However, Degree Men has a higher price range due to their clinical strength product line. Partners: Tag has the most associates—DUB Tour, Procter and Gamble, DEW Tour—to help enhance their position within their segment. Then Old Spice is also owned by Procter and Gamble, and is official partners with NASCAR. Both Axe and Degree are owned by Unilever. Place: All of the products are typically sold and found at local convenience stores:...
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