RA16 - switch, for normally closed when the input is low.)...

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EE40 Summer 2011 Neel Shah Reading Assignment 16 8/3/2011 Boilerplate: Reading assignments are short exercises that verify your understanding of the required reading. All chapters and page numbers are in reference to “Foundations of Analog and Digital Electronic Circuits” by Anant Agarwal and Jeffrey Lang. This assignment is optional; however it may count towards a final grade boost should you require it. Suppose we want to use MOSFETs as a switch to connect two wires together. When the input is high, the connection is broken. When the input is low, the connection is made. (This type of switch is an NC
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Unformatted text preview: switch, for normally closed when the input is low.) 1. Draw this circuit using 2 NMOS FETs and a resistor. 2. Suppose the internal resistance of each FET is 1 . If the maximum power rating for this FET combination is 200 gG , what is the max current that can flow through this switch? 3. How can you implement this switch using only 1 FET (and a resistor)? Draw this implementation. 4. What parts of the MOSFET can you change to decrease internal resistance, and how? Refer to Figures 6.34-6.37....
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