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Business 207 Quiz

Business 207 Quiz - Business 207 Quiz#2 1 Which of the...

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Business 207 Quiz #2 1.) Which of the following assets is a debtor not allowed to keep? a. books b. Social security c. Interest in a house d. Dining table e. All of the above are allowed to be kept 2.) You divorced your spouse seven years ago. Now you are filing for bankruptcy. Do you still have an obligation to pay child support? Y/N 3.) A defendant’s legal responsibility in acting against a tort is dependent on the judge. T/F 4.) Who is appointed by a court ot oversee the administration of the estate? a. Attorney b. trustor c. trustee d. creditor e. appraiser 5.) Within how much time prior to bankruptcy is it not allowed to transfer personal property? a. 1 year b. 50 days c.120 days d. 3 years 6.) Failure to list an asset in the estate subjects the debtor to future action by the court. T/F 7.) Which of the following prohibits action by the court? a. Discharge b. Notification c. Stay d. Leave 8.) Product liability is an example of a tort. T/F 9.) Which of the following is not a part of the process of bankruptcy?
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