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Business 207 Quiz 2

Business 207 Quiz 2 - a Risks cannot be inherently...

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Quiz #2 Bus 207 1.) Which of the following is the most common tort filing? a. Negligence b. Intent c. Gross negligence d. Strict liability 2.) In strict liability, a bad act alone is enough to create liability. T/F 3.) Which of the following is NOT a way to evade liability? a. Transfer responsibility b. Argue against fault c. Raise a defense d. All of the above are ways to evade liability 4.) Contributory negligence is an act by someone other than the negligent party without which damage would not have been done. T/F 5.) Which of the following would constitute the defense Assumption of the Risk? a. Playing a sport b. Jumping off a roof c. Parking in a lot d. Both a and c e. All of the above 6.) Which of the following is NOT a rule for Assumption of the Risk?
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Unformatted text preview: a. Risks cannot be inherently dangerous b. Damaged party must enter situation voluntarily c. Damaged party must sign an agreement d. Damaged party must know the risks 7.) In some states, if the plaintiff contributes more than half of the total damage, the plaintiff may not collect any contribution from the defendant. T/F 8.) In several liability, the defendants must split the cost of damage and pay the plaintiff. 9.) Which liability involves letting the jury decide who owes what to whom? a. Joint & Several Liability b. Divided Liability c. Joint Liability d. Several Liability e. Split Liability...
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