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English essay 3 Profile - Jackie Gragnola Mr Fotinakes...

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Jackie Gragnola Mr. Fotinakes English 134-52 November 11, 2008 Music or “Non-Instrumental Verbal Fast-Talking Noise”? “Noise,” mutters David Gragnola as he changes the radio station in his car. Driving with his teenage children to dinner, he begins his lecture about the way music has changed since the time when he was in high school. He reminisces about the hit songs of his day and relates it to the “garbage” that is played nowadays. David continues to compare the changes in voices, beats, and instrumental melodies. But the biggest transformation he sees has taken place in the topics that the different generations focus on. The ideals that are emphasized in today’s music industry are more provocative, violent, and vulgar than in past generations. Hip-hop has now become an ever-increasingly popular genre and this form of music lacks many principles and restraints. During David’s youth and teenage years, the most popular songs were lighthearted and fun, or serious and presenting a message to the public. Songs such as “Respect” by Aretha Franklin and “Surfin’ USA” by the Beach Boys topped the music charts. Many of these songs were about having good clean fun with friends, while others dealt with how to be a stronger individual. “Surfin’ USA” portrayed the fun setting of a day at the beach with family and friends. It had a good rhythm for dancing and lyrics that everyone could sing along to. This song attracted the teen population because they were looking for fun and adventure and the idea of a day of surfing and excitement at the beach gave them the escape to daydream about this situation. “Respect” dealt with the strength of a woman speaking out about her yearning for
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respect from men and the public. This was a step forward for women and empowered the female population. This time period in music history focused on issues important to the American youth, yet they did not contain nearly as inappropriate topics as are discussed in today’s music. In general, people take a greater interest in things that they do not expect.
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English essay 3 Profile - Jackie Gragnola Mr Fotinakes...

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