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Healthy Living 1 - Describe in detail three choices that...

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Describe in detail three choices that you have made in the last two or three weeks that have affected your health, safety, or well-being. Explain how these choices impacted your well-being and why you think so. Would you make the same choices again? What constructive advice and specific recommendations would you give to someone making choices that are negatively impacting his/her health? Give examples. I have always been a three-sport athlete and worked out intensely in high school, and upon coming to college I have only taken up playing on the club volleyball team. This meant much less workout time, so I decided to purchase an exercise class pass to motivate myself to become stronger and get to the gym more often. If I don’t make it to a class because of my schedule, I make sure that I get at least an hour of cardio into my day. Over the past three weeks, I have attended numerous fitness classes such as six pack abs, sculpt, total body conditioning, and spin. I had never done pilates during first quarter so I tried it for the first time and fell in love with it.
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