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Homework 3 - decrease the cash amount b This would result...

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Jackie Gragnola BUS214 Bissonnette (MW 2-4) January 21, 2009c 13.) a) Cash Credit/Debit b) Accounts Receivable Credit/Debit c) Dividends Debit d) Accounts Payable Credit/Debit e) Salaries Expense Debit f) Service Revenue Credit 21.) a) This would not affect the balance because the only problem they made was that they should have credited the cash and debited the wage expense because in paying wages, you
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Unformatted text preview: decrease the cash amount. b) This would result in an increase of $900 in cash and an increase of $90 for revenue which are on separate sides of the balance. Although they are both increases, they are not equal in value and therefore, would prevent the trial balance from balancing. P 3-5A...
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