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HES2340 FLUID MECHANICS 1 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 OBJECTIVE 1. To investigate the reaction force produced by the impact of jet of water on to various target vanes. 2. To experimentally determine the force required to keep a target at a datum level while it is subjected to the impact of water jet. 3. To compare the experimentally measured force with the theoretical calculated force. 1.2 APPARATUS REQUIRED Impact of jet apparatus with hydraulic bench 1.3 GENERAL DESCRIPTION The Impact of Jets Apparatus, which is illustrated in Figure 1, is intended to be used with the Hydraulic Bench which provides the water supply and the means of measuring flow rate. The apparatus is supported on a PVC base into which a vertical nozzle supply pipe is fitted. Surrounding the supply pipe is a transparent acrylic plastic shield/tube fitted with a removable top PVC flanged cover assembly. A vertical shaft, which passes through the top flange assembly, has provision for attaching the target vane at its lower end. The top of the shaft is screwed to a weight platform and a spring between the top flange and the weight platform provides vertical support to an equilibrium position. A weight carrier and a set of brass weights are supplied. Four interchangeable target vanes are supplied; the flat, 120° conical, 60° plate and semi- spherical, dimensional detail of the three target vanes are shown in Figure 2. Three interchangeable plain bore nozzles are supplied, one 5 mm diameter and one 8 mm diameter. Screws are provided on the base plate of the apparatus for storage of the nozzle and target vanes which are not in use. The reaction vane is held within the transparent shield approximately 20 mm above the vertical water supply pipe nozzle by a rod which passes through the top cover and supports a flat tray, onto which masses may be placed. In operation, water from the Hydraulic Bench flows vertically from the nozzle and impacts onto the target vane. The
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HES2340 FLUID MECHANICS 1 impulse force produced by the impact of the jet onto the vane lifts the vane, shaft and weight platform upwards and weights can then be added to restore the weight platform to its equilibrium position. The water from the jet is deflected by the reaction vane under test and drains away through three apertures in the base of the chamber. 1.4 Parts Identification Figure 1: Impact of Jets Apparatus Figure 2: Interchangeable Target Vanes 2.0 THEORY 1.1 2.1 General Analysis When a jet of water flowing with a steady velocity strikes a solid surface, the water is deflected to flow along the surface. Unlike the impact of solid bodies, there is no rebound and unless the flow is highly turbulent, there will be no splashing. If friction is neglected by assuming an inviscid fluid and it is also assumed that there are no losses due to shocks then the magnitude of the water velocity is unchanged, the pressure exerted by the water on the solid surface will
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impact of jet tina - HES2340 FLUID MECHANICS 1 1.0...

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