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In conclusion - In conclusion, laminar flow hood is a...

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In conclusion, laminar flow hood is a equipment that is benefited from the stability of the flow. It is important to ensure the stability of the flow when microbiological specimen and culture such as the in vitro fertilization specimen are handled. As high hygiene should be ensured and contaminant should be avoided from entering the specimen, the flow prevents the airborne contaminants from entering the culture. Meanwhile, due to the nature of the flow, the excess contaminants can be removed while there is a steady flow that carries the dust and dirt away from the enclosed chamber. Discussion 1. From the experiment, we can denote that the Reynolds number of a flow can be determined by observing the type of flow and computation of the Reynolds number using the equations after determining the flow rate of the flow. 2. The experiment exhibit certain limitation as the equation only consider parameters such as density of the fluid, dynamic viscosity of the fluid, velocity of fluid and the hydraulic diameter of the pipe. However, the vibration of the fluid is not taken into considerations. Any vibrations presence can disrupt the flow and create a false transitional and turbulence flow given if the flow is an actual laminar flow. Hence, the observation of the flow might not be truly reliable. 3. Hence from the sample calculation, The Reynolds number obtained for transitional and turbulence flow is less than expected because the readings were taken at the early development stage of the flow and so the value id less than the standard Reynolds number. Conclusion
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In conclusion - In conclusion, laminar flow hood is a...

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