Advantages - Advantages -Truly natural, cheap and locally...

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Advantages Disadvantages -Truly natural, cheap and locally available in Devikulam. It decentralizes the construction process because it utilizes local material and technology and thereby obviates the need for a contractor, and it costs much less to maintain mud buildings. -It is eroded easily by water, which makes its use difficult in areas with high rainfall or possibilities of flooding. -It provides excellent heat insulation, so the internal part of a mud building is cooler in summer and hotter in winter than a building made with steel and concrete. Due to this property, mud houses are most suited in tropical and sub-tropical climatic conditions. -It has low tensile strength, which means mud roofs are difficult to make. -It is strong in compression and so makes good walls. It can also be made strong in sheer and tension through addictives and reinforcement. -It is susceptible to mechanical damage. Rodents can easily make hole in mud walls and under the floor, or thieves can dig their way into the house. -Mud does not grip wood properly, so gaps often develop around wooden doors and windows in mud walls. Consequently, mud houses often have few openings and are badly ventilated. -Mud soaks up water and becomes very heavy. As a result, the wooden beams supporting a
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Advantages - Advantages -Truly natural, cheap and locally...

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