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SD( clement) - Design Criteria Several issues should be...

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Design Criteria Several issues should be considered in design of a low cost, economical and safety mud-thatched house in Devikulam. The issues that should be considered are listed at below: 1. The socio-economic issues 2. Architectural features 3. Structural features 4. Construction Techniques and the design principles 5. Maintenance 6. Construction economics 7. Building codes 1.0 The socio-economic Generally, a unit of the mud-thatched house is occupied by a single family which consisted of 7 members in average of the population of the Devilkulam. The economic level of inhabitants of the mud-thatched house is usually at the level of either very poor or poor. Most of the residents in Devikulam are involved in agriculture which their annual income are varies from 10,000 Rs- 60,000 Rs(200USD-1200USD). The typical sources of financing for the mud- thatched buildings are from the owner’s financed or the income and personal savings. The design of the mud-thatched houses also need to based on the annual income of the population, so that the residents can afford the houses, either to own outright or able to pay the rent for their house. 2.0 Architectural features As we can see the housings in Devikulam, generally, the buildings were not well designed and these buildings were built by the owners and local unskilled masons. The craftsmanship of the current mud buildings is very poor. The walls are found to be out of plumb, the door or the window openings are very small. In rural area like Devikulam, the windows mostly are not provided in such house. Both gravity and the loads from the roof are supported and resisted by the mud walls. Also, most of the mud houses do not provided with toilets and bathroom. The houses belonging to the poor family often do not have any hygiene facilities. For the improvement of the new mud-thatch house design, few modifications of the buildings should be going on to make the mud houses into a better craftsmanship. The architectural conceptual of the re-designed plans of the mud-thatched house is showed below: Plan Design This is the conceptual design for the plan and its inner design of the mud-thatched house. The house is about 5 meters width and 7 meters depths to accommodate a huge numbers of inhabitants for a single family. The inner design of the house is designed with 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a place for cooking, a living area and a main entrance. This is the basically needs for the residents of the Devikulam.
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Front and Side As the diagram shown above, few modifications of the building have included the extension of the mud house, the house designed in such way to improve its artistic views while maintaining its low cost values, and the extensions also provide more spaces for the inhabitants of a single
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SD( clement) - Design Criteria Several issues should be...

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