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As the world keeps rotating and the plates keep moving it doesn’t really mean anything for the disposal site. For now we are safe to drop them in their protective covering and leave them be and hope nothing is able to crack or destroy the glass. I like the idea because it makes us feel safe, and feel no harm. The down fall about this is the future. As time goes by the reactors will not have travelled so far into the earths crevices. The plates do not move at great measurements, Subduction is not a guarantee they would disappear into the earth the plates move so many
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Unformatted text preview: inches a year depends on the studies for that area generally. Anybody could retract these reactors and use them for their own personal use. It would be hard and would take time but it could happen. Overall I think it’s a great way to dispose of them. I rather drop in a deep sea trench then bury on land and have a natural disaster interfere with. Referenced from: Why Not Dispose of Waste in Ocean Trenches? By Andrew Alden, About.com Guide ....
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