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Scientist has organized the sea into layers due to the different living environments with each layer. The amount of sunlight it receives, depth occupied, and degree of hydrostatic pressure found in the layer. Hydrostatic pressure is the weight of overlying water, like when swimming under water the weight of the water over you is a good example. Each layer has its own physical causes for it to be layered in its category. They are 5 main layers, known as “Zones”. Epipelagic (Sunlight zone), Mesopelagic (The Twilight zone), Bathypelagic (Midnight zone), Abyssopelagic (The abyss), and the Hadalapelagic (The Trenches).The epipelagic is the surface layer of the ocean. It extends from the surface 200 meters, it is where most of the light is visible, for the reason it’s called the sunlight zone. The heat is the reason of the wide range of temperatures that occur here. The layer beneath is the Mesopelagic extending 200-1000 meters. It is called the twilight due to the very fain t light that penetrates its depths. This is where we would start to see
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