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Upwelling is simply a current with a vertical component from deep water toward the surface. It happens naturally when the wind pushes water away from an area, and the deep water comes up from below to replace it. Due to the Coriolis effect , the surface current is generally not in the same direction as the wind. Also caused by Oceanic current and tidal pumping. The major upwellings in the ocean are associated with the divergence of currents that bring deeper, colder, nutrient rich waters to the surface. There are at least five types of upwelling:
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Unformatted text preview: coastal upwelling, large-scale wind-driven upwelling in the ocean interior, upwelling associated with eddies, topographically-associated upwelling, and broad-diffusive upwelling in the ocean interior. Some areas with the strongest upwellings would be; Northwest Africa, South Africa, California, Oregon, Peru, Chile and also occurs in Southeastern Brazil, more preciously in Arraial do Cabo. References: McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology, 5th edition, published by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc....
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