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kellytroyweek6essay - efforts The"surface residue...

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Things they have in common. They were both very bad things that happened to the ocean. They were both accidents when they happen. They both killed many living thing like fish and birds. They both dropped oil into the ocean. Exxon spill happened in Alaska. Exxon dropped 250,000 barrels into the ocean. No one died with the Exxon spill. It was a very big spill and caused a lot of damage in the ocean. Affect the Prince Ocean Reef. BP spill happened in the Gulf Of Mexico. BP dropped 165,000-2.4 million barrels into the ocean. Eleven people died in the BP spill. It was a great tragedy that happen to the gulf of Mexico. The cleanup process is basically the same as the Exxon. After the one-year anniversary of the BP oil spill, areas along the Gulf Coast are still plagued by "chronic re-oiling" from balls of oil and sand that wash ashore after breaking free from submerged mats of degraded oil and sediments, according to officials overseeing federal cleanup
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Unformatted text preview: efforts. The "surface residue balls" -- yet another term in an ever-expanding oil-spill lexicon that includes tarballs and oil mousse -- are about 90 percent sand and sediments. Crews are experimenting with different types of sonar and radar to locate the mats resting on the sea floor. The oil and sand mats are typically about 300 square feet and have been found from Louisiana to Florida. There is absolutely some damage to the wetlands, but we’re seeing good regrowth. "If the root system stays healthy, the grass seems to grow back very well." Sand-sifters, or "sand Zambonies" as crews call them, are being used to skim the top of sand and sift out any tarballs. Believe sandy beaches rocky will sustain the most damage due to these tar balls and the difficulty of cleaning oil from the rocky surface areas. Reference: A year after BP oil spill, cleanup continues, By Paul Rioux, The Times-Picayune The Times-Picayune...
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