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NASA vs NOAA My case would be why are we spending Billions of dollars on metal junk that we are sending into space millions of miles away and not even sure the machine will function. We should be spending more of those funds on our Oceans right here on earth. We the people know more about Space than we do our own Oceans. I agree with this I think we should be doing more to improve our knowledge of the Oceans unexplored than trying to find other forms of life in another Galaxy. Are our findings in space going to benefit us here on Earth! Will it stop Global warming stop natural disasters? I don’t know but we should be exploring all aspects. I would rather see some more resources being used to explore or Oceans. Our systems are not the best and Japan is an example of that. NASA and NOAA are pretty much working together for the same cause but
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Unformatted text preview: I feel we need more emphasis on the Earth’s Oceans than the Space. There are so many things to be learned at our Oceans floor guaranteed. We just need the government to be willing to fund the organizations to be able to explore these grounds and be amazed at what we discover. Just imagine what type of life forms we could discover, the depths of Mariana Trench, that’s a lot of depth Ocean floor never been explored. We're all concerned (or not) about global warming. I think we are doing more in space to discover but shouldn’t we be showing the same concern applying the exact emphasis to the Ocean. The icebergs are melting raising the sea levels if this gets worse we will not be caring about Space and we be lost underwater due to our lack of interest and funding to explore the Ocean....
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