o - I don’t think that the UNCLOS should be ratified due...

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Unformatted text preview: I don’t think that the UNCLOS should be ratified due to the fact that it meets all requirements. The treaty promotes an economically and environmentally balanced fisheries management regime, something of vital importance to many recreational boaters. UNCLOS’ provisions on fisheries management are entirely consistent with U.S. domestic fisheries laws as well as U.S. international fisheries agreements and understandings. UNCLOS benefits the U.S. economy in many other ways as well. Not only does the treaty establish uniform standards which will create an atmosphere of regulatory certainty for all exporting industries, it also uniquely stabilizes the oil and gas sector, encouraging future development on the resource-rich U.S. continental shelf. UNCLOS also protects the right to lay and maintain submarine cables, a key issue for the U.S. economy since submarine cables represent 70 percent of today’s telecommunications carrying capacity. Under the treaty, all nations have a right to engage in law telecommunications carrying capacity....
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  • United States Coast Guard, UNCLOS, environmentally balanced fisheries, U.S. domestic fisheries, U.S. international fisheries

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