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Week 2 Worksheet - Week 2 Worksheet Score 85 The largest...

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Week 2 Worksheet Score: 85 The largest region of Earth in terms of volume is the: Think of the Earth like a hard-boiled egg: crust=shell, mantle=white, core=yolk. Those are almost the exact proportions. crust mantle outer core inner core lithosphere SCORE : 5/5 points CORRECT ANSWER(S): mantle The first person to suggest that southern continents were once joined in a single landmass was: Hint: Think the Cat in the Hat author. Francis Bacon Alfred Wegener Frank Taylor Edward Suess Harold Jeffreys SCORE : 5/5 points CORRECT ANSWER(S): Edward Suess About 250 million years ago there was a single landmass called: Laurasia Panthalassa Pangaea Gondwanaland Tethys SCORE : 5/5 points CORRECT ANSWER(S): Pangaea HELPFUL INFORMATION But were there Real Estate Agents? At various times in the Earth’s history, North America has been part of which “supercontinents”: Laurasia Gondwanaland Pangaea a and c b and c a, b, and c WRONG SCORE : 0/5 points
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CORRECT ANSWER(S): a and c HELPFUL INFORMATION Laurasia was the northen half of Pangea that contained N.America, Europe, and Asia. The southern half: Gondwannaland contained S.America, Africa, India, Australia and Antarctica. Both of these formed from the break-up of Pangea. Among the evidence Wegener used to support his ideas of continetial drift were: similar old mountain ranges on different continents
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