Worksheet 8L Estuaries and Global Warming

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Worksheet 8L Estuaries and Global Warming Score: 99.9 Describe an estuary and what makes these oplaces so critical for life in the oceans. Name three major estuaries in the United States and name a major seafood species harvested in each estuary (what is each of the estuaries you named famous for? The kinds of sayings you see on t-shirts and bumper-stickers from those places). Refer to pgs 182-183/Chap#43:Deltas, Estuaries and Salt Marshes in the Lab Manual, or Chap 9 in the text and/or from your own travels and experiences. SCORE: 33.3 out of 33.3 points INSTRUCTOR COMMENTS Excellent description. Now the Sacramento River is part of the San Fransisco Bay estuary just so you know. In fact as the Imperial Valley farmers have drawn more water out of the Sacramento River the salt water wedge is going further and further inland. That's why recently some whales have been swimming up the Saramento River following the salt water wedge. HELPFUL INFORMATION
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