geography discussions - Week2 Geography can be broken down...

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Week2 Geography can be broken down into multiple groups or types, but encompasses everything around us. Geography subjects cover areas such as earth as a whole, from its mountain ranges to the oceans. It also covers people, their culture and the environment they live in. It is, quite simply, about the world in which we live (2). The features of the earth are the domain of physical geography that covers climates, the formation of landforms, and plant and animal distribution (1). The earth changes all the time, whether being man-made or from Mother Nature. An example of a change in physical geography is something as simple as a road being built or a damn being built to form a lake. Mother Nature has effects just as much as man-made but can be very slow to occur or much more violent, such as an island being formed from an underwater volcano or a tsunami wiping out an entire city. The Human or Cultural geography covers several subjects; a few are religion, languages, and rituals (1). It is the research on the various ways in which humans in all places and cultures adapt to and modify their geographic environments (2). Religion is one aspect of a lot of cultures that they live by day to day, it influences how they interact with other people, countries and sometimes is even the reason for a war. There are hundreds of different languages, and some of those languages have dialects due to the physical boundaries or travel limitations. 1: 2: 3: Week 3 I did some research on Russian meal etiquette and could not find anything on why the hotel staff served the meal from the evening before for breakfast. I did learn that Russians see eating together as a time to bond and build camaraderie. I think that according to the hotel staff, the commitment to stay at their hotel and eat at their establishment was a commitment to their business and by going to another eating establishment was a break in that commitment, which is something that the Russian culture does not take too lightly. Another reason may be that since the meal was already
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geography discussions - Week2 Geography can be broken down...

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