Geography[2] - Running head TITLE 1 Title Student Name...

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Running head: TITLE 1 Title Student Name University
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Geography Explain the geograpic perspective and discuss how it helps in the interpretation global events. Use concrete examples to illustrate your answer. Concept of looking at and developing insight about the world is called as geographical perspective. With geography, it is possible to obtain answers for the questions such as who, when, where and what subjecting to various places and things that are distributed in the earth. From this perspective, spatial components can be identified. Geography has interpreted several global events in the past, present as well as future. Some of the events that were predicted by geography include the occurrence of flood during 2500BC, inhabitation of Adam’s descendants in the world, fossil records and divergence of DNA. Events of human history have been influenced by the various geographical stages. These include plants and animals, human interactions, transportation systems and physical events. The geographical perspective assures that it is possible to interpret the past based on the perceptions as per the corresponding contexts. Discuss the problems associated with the production of greenhouse gasses including
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Geography[2] - Running head TITLE 1 Title Student Name...

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