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wow geography - The major causes of wars and the...

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All I can say is wow! I surprised right from the beginning of this class that geography was more than just pointing on a map and locating a particular place’s capital, naming its national product, and stating its most common dialect spoken. Yes, I expected a somewhat easy geography course. Nonetheless, I have learned a bountiful amount of knowledge on the people and places we have discussed in this class. Geography is much more than what I thought. It is very broad in every sense of the word. Furthermore, I was surprised that geography covered the reasons and the future possibilities of how things were and how they could be. It is amazing how historical events in all the regions of this world had shaped every country and the culture of each place’s inhabitants. Little did I know that people’s culture played a major role in shaping their territories.
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Unformatted text preview: The major causes of wars and the architecture of empires were significantly propelled by culture and the need for resources, to say the least. The human need for sustenance and the struggle to improve the quality of life had certainly been a major inducement of today’s shape of the world. Ultimately, it was a surprise to me that geography is an everyday occurrence affecting not only one place, but the rest of the world. Thanks to this class and to Ms. LeMay, I now have a better understanding of the places I visit, the people I interact with, and a rationale to why and how things are. Geography has not only showed me the map of the world, but it has shown me a more in depth look into the world inside the map. Thanks once again....
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