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Analysis Bradley Edwards SOCI111 B007 Sum 11 A Day In the Life Professor Lori Kelley Roles I think I played various roles in the day. For most part of the day I played the role of a Sergeant. I had to wake up early in the morning, prepare food for all the team members, attend the team meeting and then set out for my mission. The role continued as I met up the Mayor. And even though I was having lunch with the Mayor I remained a Sergeant all along. My return to the camp and reporting to the Commander about the day was also in lieu with my role as a Sergeant.
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Analysis After the long day, when I talked to my wife over the phone, I stepped into the role of a husband. And for my daughter I was her ever-doting father with whom she could share all her troubles and happiness. She knew that I will always protect her from her mother’s anger and so shared her secrets with me. Apart from that, I think I became just a human being when I went on a tour of Kirkuk village. The living condition of the villagers made me feel compassionate for the villagers. Especially the bleak future of the village children made me want to do something to give them a better life. I tried making them happy by giving them pens and notepads which I consider manifestations of education and therefore a bright future. During the basketball match I was no longer a Sergeant for the fellow soldiers. We were all friends who were enjoying a light and relaxing match of basketball. Even in such a busy day I could manage to get some time off to be just myself. I don’t know if this can be considered as a role or not. Perhaps, being oneself means not taking on any role. In the evening after coming back from the gym when I was listening to music I think I was just being myself. Apart from this acts such as reflecting on one’s day or planning one’s own carrier are all manifestations of being oneself. In fact going to the gym to build my body was also a reflection of me being myself. Institutions During the day, the main institutions I came in contact with were Military and Governmental. For most part of the day I acted as a Sergeant. I had to wake up in the morning, report at meeting, set out on mission, and report on returning because I was working under a Military institution.
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analysis soc 1 - Analysis Bradley Edwards SOCI111 B007 Sum...

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