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SOCI QUIZ 2 Answer Key Question 1 (Worth 1 points) Sociologically, what term best applies to a group of people who share no common destination taking an elevator from the first floor of a large high rise ? a social frame an aggregate This is a correct answer a category a social group Points earned on this question : 1 Question 2 (Worth 1 points) What is a statement of how variables are expected to be related to one another, often according to predictions from a theory? correlation hypothesis This is a correct answer secondary prediction primary function Points earned on this question : 1 Question 3 (Worth 1 points) What are the three primary variables in determining one's social class? race, sex, residence income, education, occupational prestige This is a correct answer sex (male or female) one's particular ethnic descent Points earned on this question : 1 Question 4 (Worth 1 points) What is the key feature of post-industrial societies as it relates to the work force? The production of durable goods such as automobiles, refrigerators and washing machines became the emphasis. High efficiency production of food and fiber products became most prevalent. The transmission and use of information services dominated the work force. This is a correct answer Leisure time activities are the primary product of the society Points earned on this question : 1 Question 5 (Worth 1 points) Andrea is an aspiring associate editor for a major publisher. She is single but feels married to her work. Last year she received a $50,000 bonus for the excellent work she did in promoting new textbooks published by her employer. Based on this information, Andrea's ascribed status is ________ and her achieved status is ________.
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female, married bonus recipient, associate editor married, bonus recipient female, associate editor This is a correct answer Points earned on this question : 1 Question 6 (Worth 1 points) John developed a questionnaire to measure job satisfaction among industrial workers. He has administered his questionnaire to ten different workers' groups at the same plant and on the same shift but notes the results are inconsistent. John's concern reflects the issue of ________. the reliability of his measure
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