feb 07 Media Law (Level 3)(5)

feb 07 Media Law (Level 3)(5) - Feb 2007 Exam 1 NGEE A NN...

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-- - - .. - ---.- Feb 2007 Exam 1 NGEE ANN POLYTECHNIC FEBRUARY 2007 EXAMINATION School of Film & Media Studies (Diploma in Film, Sound & Video) (Diploma in Mass Communication) Level 3 MEDIA LAW 1006085 1 0060661 Time Allowed: 2 Hours INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES: 1. Check carefully to ensure you are sitting for the correct paper. 2. This is an open-book examination. 3. This paper is marked upon 100 and is worth 40% of your final grade. 4. Answer the questions as follows: SECTION A - Answer questions (20 marks, MCQ) SECTION B - Answer questions (80 marks, essay questions) 5. Write your answers in the answer book provided. Begin each question on a separate page. 6. This paper consists of 5 pages including this cover page. Check carefully to make sure your set is complete.
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Feb 2007 Exam 2 t SECTION A (20 marks) Answer ALL questions in this section. Tick the correct answer in the answer book. 1 .I What is special damage? (a) Compensation for harm suffered (b) Aggravated harm (c) Non-monetary loss (d) Monetary loss 1.2 Which of the following best explains the concept of copyleft? (a) The opposite of copyright (b) The proposition that all works should be free (c) The use of copyright licences to enhance the public domain (d) There is no such concept; it is a media catchphrase 1.3 Shin Chae-kyung marries the Crown Prince of Korea. Dazzled by his position (& boyish good looks), she agrees to sign a pre-nuptial agreement which is disadvantageous to her. Which of the following vitiating factors is most appropriate? (a)
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feb 07 Media Law (Level 3)(5) - Feb 2007 Exam 1 NGEE A NN...

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