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Level 3 NGEE ANN POLYTECHNIC FEBRUARY 2008 EXAMINATION School of Film & Media Studies (Diploma in Film, Sound & Video) (Diploma in Mass Communication) Time Allowed: 2 Hours MEDIA LAW 1006085 1 006066) INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES: 1. Check carefully to ensure you are sitting for the correct paper. 2. This is an open-book examination. 3. This paper is marked upon 100 and is worth 40% of your final grade. 4. Answer the questions as follows: SECTION A - Multiple Choice Questions (20 marks) rn SECTION B - Essay Questions (80 marks) 5. Write your answers in the answer book provided. Begin each question on a separate page. 6. TI-lis paper consists of 6 pages including this cover page. Check carefully to make sure your set is complete. 2FSVLAW (FSV) 1 MEDLAW (MCM) -1- Feb 2008 Exam
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SECTION A : MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS. (20 marks) " Question I : Answer ALL questions Tick (J) the correct answer in the answer book. 1 .I Which of the following is not true of our judiciary? (a) Comprises of all judges of the Supreme and Subordinate courts (b) They are supposed to be independent (c) They should adniir~ister justice without any fear (d) They are accountable to the Legislature (e) They are responsible to the Cabinet 1.2 In recent years, global publications like Time, Far Eastern Economic Review and Asian Wall Street Journal have had their circulation restricted in Singapore due to (a) differing standards of morality (b) their meddling in local politics (c) publication of official secrets (d) encouraging terrorism (e) representing a particular race or religion indirectly 1.3 Generally, words are not found to be defamatory when they (a) lower the reputation of the plaintiff (b) expose the plaintiff to hatred, contempt or ridicule (c) portray the plaintiff as being well-heeled (d) discourage mankind from being associated with the plaintiff (e) degrade the plaintiff 1.4 In a defamation suit, which of the following will be an important consideration in awarding lower damages to the plaintiff? (a) Defendant's act being offensive (b) Defendant's act being out of spite (c) Defendant's act due to ill-will (d) Defendant's tendering of an apology (e) Defendant's act being reckless 1.5 According to the law of contract, an offer (a) may be revoked at anytime before acceptance by offeree (b).
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feb 08 Media Law (Level 3) - NGEE A NN POLYTECHNIC FEBRUARY...

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