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Media Law 05(Level 3) - -l Sept2005Exam NGEE A POIYTECHNIC...

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Sept2005Exam Level 3 -l- NGEE A POIYTECHNIC SEPTEMBER 2005 EXAMINATION School of Film & Media Studies (Diploma in Film, Sound & Video) (Diploma in Mass Communication) MEDIA LAW (006085) (006066) INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. This paper will be graded over 100 marks following manner: (a) Section A : 40 marks per question. (b) Section B : 20 marks per question. This is an open-book examination. Check carefully to ensure you are sitting for the correct Answer THREE questions as follows: SECTION A: ANSWER BOTH QUESTIONS SECTION B: ANSWER ONE OF TWO QUESTIONS which will be a You will be given TEN minutes reading time. Write your answers in the answer booklet provided. Writ numbers clearly. Begin each answer on a separate page. This paper consists of 6 pages, including this page. Pie your set is complete. 1MEDILW (FSV&MCM)
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Sept 2005 Exam -2- SECTION A (80 marks) Answer BOTH questions in this section. QUESTION 1 Jessica, a freelance scriptwriter is approached by the producer of RealMedia (Singapore) Ltd (“RealMedia”), a television company, to write IO episodes for an upcoming series to be entitled “Ham Some”. Jessica is provided with a basic storyline, which concerns the antics of an intelligent pet pig owned by a farmer and his family, who have been relocated from their farm in Punggol to an HDB flat in Sengkang. Each of the episodes is to revolve around one of the pig’s many adventures. Jessica is handed RealMedia’s standard form freelancer’s agreement that has the following terms: ?. The Writer here&y assigns to /Tea/Media (Singapore) Ltd, its successors and assignees the entire copyright in the Scripts, namely the exclusive rights as prescribed in Section 26(f)(a) of the Singapore Copyright Act, for the whole period of the copyright, 2. This Agreement shall not be considered to constitute a partnership or joint venture or contract of employment between the patties to this Agreement. The contract also contained terms relating to fees and deadlines for submission of the script. Jessica signs the contract after reading it carefully, and begins work on the scripts. Apart from being a scriptwriter, Jessica is quite a well-known writer of children’s stories. In between developing the scripts, she starts on a series of short stories about the adventures of a squirrel called Nuts who has run away from Bukit Timah Nature Reserve to live in a private apartment in Bukit Timah with his adoptive family. The short stories are compiled into a book and published by
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