Medlaw lecture 8 - Medlaw: Lecture 8 NGEE ANN POLYTECHNIC...

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Medlaw: Lecture 8 NGEE ANN POLYTECHNIC LAW OF CONFIDENCE TUTORIAL With the use of your lecture notes and the recommended readings, answer the following questions: 1. What are some relationships that give rise to an obligation of confidence? What cases discuss these specific relationships? Are there any exceptions? Marriage: confidences exchanged between spouses are protected by law based on the notion of sanctity of marriage case: Argyll v Argyll [1967] Ch 302 The newspaper can bring it up only when there is public interest: I trust my best fren : Best fren tells the newspaper: Did u tell her that it is confidential? Hwo do u want to prove to the court that it is confidential? Private affair ; the press wants to bring it up Personal relationships ; nobody sues; coz otherwise everybody ll be sueing everybody else. The court ll look at each individual circumstances in its context Quality of confidentiality Taxi driver – circumstances of the relationship Will tt particular instance give rise to quality of confidence Employment Doctor patient Depends on the relationship that u ve Because of iniquity, the priest can tell. When e relationship is completely broken down: 2. What is the objective test of whether an idea is confidential or not? In which
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case was this test employed? From a reasonable point of view frm a man. 3. Anna was engaged by a pharmaceutical company, Chevron Chemical Health to
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Medlaw lecture 8 - Medlaw: Lecture 8 NGEE ANN POLYTECHNIC...

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