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Web Review Questions 43 Chapter 1 Introduction to Advertising WEB REVIEW QUESTIONS 1. What is the standard definition of advertising? A modern definition, then, would be: Advertising is paid persuasive communication that uses nonpersonal mass media—as well as other forms of interactive communication—to reach broad audiences and to connect an identified sponsor with a target audience. 2. Advertising plays four general roles in society. Define and explain each one in the context of the Volkswagen stories discussed in this chapter. Advertising Strategy : Strategy is the logic and planning behind the advertisement that gives it direction and focus. Every effective ad implements a sound strategy. The advertiser develops the ad to meet specific objectives, carefully directs it to a certain audience, creates its message to speak to that audience’s most important concerns, and runs it in media (print, broadcast, or the Internet, for instance) that will reach its audience most effectively. Creative Idea : The creative concept is the ad’s central idea that grabs your attention and sticks in your memory. The “Pods Unite” campaign for VW, for example, connects two innovative products in a way that relates to the emotional connection Volkswagen owners have with their cars. The word creative describes a critical aspect of advertising that drives the entire field of advertising. Planning the strategy calls for imaginative problem solving: The research efforts need to be creative, and the buying and placing of ads in the media require creative thinking. Creative Execution
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wells01_webreview - Web Rev iew Questions Chapter 1...

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