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108 Chapter 4 How Advertising Works WEB REVIEW QUESTIONS 1. What is clutter and why is it a problem? Clutter is the multitude of messages all competing to get your attention. 2. Why is it important to add interaction to the traditional communication model? Interaction, or two-way communication, is one of the objectives of an IMC-focused program because it leads to a long-term relationship with a brand. 3. What is the hierarchy of effects model? Give an example. The most common and long-standing explanation of advertising effects is one referred to as AIDA, which stands for attention, interest, desire, and action. The idea is that first an ad gets attention, then it creates interest, then desire, and finally stimulates action. Because AIDA assumes that consumers start with attention and wind up with a decision, it is referred to as a hierarchy of effects model. 4. Explain the role of perception in consumer response to a message and describe the components of perception that affect a consumer’s response to advertising. Perception is the process by which we receive information through our five senses and assign meaning to it. If an advertisement is to be effective, it has to get noticed. Exposure: making contact Selection and Attention: creating stopping power Interest and Relevance: creating pulling power Awareness: making an impression Recognition: making a mental note 5. If a friend tells you that subliminal advertising is commonly used by advertisers, how would you respond?
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Chapter 4: How Advertising Works 109 Most advertising professionals and professors believe that there is no real support for subliminal advertising. Studies that have gained attention have not been replicated. If
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wells04_webreview - Chapter 4 How Advertising Works WEB...

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