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150 Chapter 6 Strategic Research WEB REVIEW QUESTIONS 1. What is the difference between marketing research and market research? Marketing research is formal research, such as survey, in-depth interviews, observational methods, focus groups, and all types of primary and secondary data, used to develop a marketing plan and, ultimately, provide information for an advertising plan. A subset of marketing research, known as market research, is research used to gather information about a particular market. 2. Explain the difference between primary and secondary research. Information that is collected for the first time from original sources is called primary research. Background research that uses available published information about a topic is called secondary research. It’s called secondary because it is information that has been collected and published by someone else. 3. Explain the difference between quantitative and qualitative research. Qualitative research provides insight into the underlying reasons for how consumers behave and why. Common qualitative research methods include such tools as observation, ethnographic studies, in-depth interviews, and case studies. Qualitative methods are used early in the process of developing an advertising plan or message strategy for generating insights, as well as questions and hypotheses for additional research. Because qualitative research is typically done with small groups, advertisers are not able to draw conclusions about or project their findings to the larger population. Quantitative research delivers numerical data such as number of users and purchases, their attitudes and knowledge, their exposure to ads, and other market-related information. Two primary characteristics of quantitative research are large sample sizes and random sampling. The most common qualitative research methods include surveys and studies that track such things as sales and opinions. In contrast to qualitative
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Chapter 6: Strategic Research 151 research, quantitative is usually designed to either accurately count something, such as sales levels, or to predict something, such as attitudes. 4.
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wells06_webreview - Chapter 6 Strategic Research WEB REVIEW...

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