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189 Chapter 8 Print and Out-of-Home Media WEB REVIEW QUESTIONS 1. When do you use the word medium and when do you use media? Medium is a single form of communication such as newspaper or television. Media is a combination of all mediums. 2. What is the difference between reach and frequency? Reach is the percentage of the media audience exposed at least once to the advertiser’s message during a specific time frame. Frequency refers to the number of times a person is exposed to the advertisement. Different media have different patterns of frequency, as well as of reach. 3. Explain the roles of media salespersons, media planners, media buyers, and media researchers. Media sales people work for a medium, such as a magazine or local television station, and their objective is to build the best possible argument to convince media planners to use the medium they represent. Media planners make the strategic decisions outlined in the media plan. Media buyers implement the media plan. Media researchers compile audience measurement data, media costs, and availability data for the various media options being considered by the planners. 4. What is a free-standing insert? A free-standing insert (FSI) is the set of advertisements, such as the grocery ads, that are inserted into the newspaper. The material is printed elsewhere and then delivered to the newspapers. Newspapers charge the advertiser a fee for inserting the supplement into the newspapers. 5. Explain how newspapers vary based on frequency of publication, format and size, and circulation.
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Part 3: Effective Advertising Media 190 Most newspapers are published either daily or weekly. Daily newspapers usually are
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wells08_webreview - Chapter 8 Print and Out-of-Home Media...

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