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234 Chapter 10 Interactive and Alternative Media WEB REVIEW QUESTIONS 1. If you print a toll-free number at the bottom of an ad, does that make it interactive? Contact information such as this opens up the door for interactivity, but the ad itself is not interactive. If someone dials the number and participates in a dialogue or conversation, then it becomes interactive. The phone is the most interactive of all media, the one that most lends itself to conversation and dialogue 2. If someone were to tell you that interactivity is a continuum, what would you think that means? Draw a continuum for advertising that shows the range of interactivity and locate different types of advertising media on the continuum. The text points out that the closer the medium is to a dialogue or the more a user is able to manipulate the content, the more it can properly be described as interactive communication. When drawing the continuum the text tells us that the phone is the most interactive of all media. Student answers will differ but should be based on the concept mentioned previously. 3. What is a Website and how does it differ from other forms of advertising? Sometimes called a home page , a company’s Website is the online face it presents to the public. The Website is a communication tool that sometimes blurs the distinction between common forms of marketing communication, such as advertising, direct marketing, and public relations. Website redesign is often tied to an IMC program with the objective to unify all marketing materials. As advertisers have searched for more effective ways to connect with their audiences, some of these sites have become more entertaining, with games and contests, interviews with celebrities, and even musical performances. 4. What is the difference between an intranet and an extranet?
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Chapter 10: Interactive and Alternative Media 235 Intranets are internal communication systems that connect employees. Extranets are similar communication systems that connect a company and its employees to external stakeholders.
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