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274 Chapter 12 The Creative Side and Message Strategy WEB REVIEW QUESTIONS 1. This chapter argues that effective advertising is both a science and an art. Explain what that means. There is both a science (the way a message is persuasive, convincing, and relevant) and an art (the way a message is an unexpected idea) driving effective advertising. 2. What is the ROI of effective advertising? According to the DDB Needham agency, an effective ad is relevant, original, and has impact—which is referred to metaphorically as ROI. Ideas have to be relevant or mean something to an audience. An idea that is creative is novel, fresh, unexpected, and unusual. Original means one of a kind. To be effective, the ideas also must have impact . 3. What is the problem with copycat advertising? In an industry that prides itself on creativity, copycat advertising—that is, using an idea that someone else has originated—is a concern. The challenge in advertising is to come up with novel, interesting ideas for products that might appear to be rather boring. 4. What are the four characteristics of a creative concept? The concept is novel, fresh, unexpected, and unusual 5. When a creative director says your idea needs to make a “creative leap,” what does that mean? A creative leap means moving from the safety of a predictable strategy statement to an unusual idea that hasn’t been tried before; this leap is often referred to as the creative risk.
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Chapter 12: The Creative Side and Message Strategy 275 6. Give an example of a technique you might use as a thought starter to stimulate a creative idea? Techniques include free association, divergent thinking, analogies and metaphors, and right-brain thinking. 7. What does creative aerobics mean? Give an example? Creative aerobics is a thought-starter process that works well in advertising because it uses both the head and the heart, which we refer to in strategy developed as rational and emotional appeals. An example would be to come up with a list of facts about a product, then come up with new names for the product, find similarities between dissimilar objects, and finally create new definitions. 8.
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wells12_webreview - Chapter 12 The Creative Side and...

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