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296 Chapter 13 Copywriting WEB REVIEW QUESTIONS 1. There are four types of advertisements in which words are as crucial as, or perhaps more so than, visuals. What are those four situations? If the message is complicated, words can be more specific than visuals and can be read over and over until the meaning is clear. If the ad is for a high-involvement product, meaning the consumer spends a lot of time considering it, then the more information the better, and that means using words. Information that needs definition and explanation, like how a new wireless phone works, is better delivered through words. If a message tries to convey abstract qualities, such as justice and quality, words tend to communicate these concepts more easily than pictures. 2. What do we mean by “tone of voice” and why is it important in advertising? Find a magazine ad that you think has an appropriate tone of voice for its targeted audience (the readers of that particular magazine). To develop the right tone of voice, copywriters write to the target audience. If they know someone who fits the audience profile, then they write to that person as if they were in a conversation. If they don’t, then they may go through a photo file, select a
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wells13_webreview - Chapter 13 Copywriting WEB REVIEW...

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