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407 Chapter 18 Special Advertising Situations WEB REVIEW QUESTIONS 1. What is cooperative advertising? How does it benefit the retailer? The manufacturer? In cooperative (co-op) advertising the national brand reimburses the retailer for part or all of the advertising expenses. Co-op funds, sometimes called ad allowances, have become so common that most retailers won’t even consider taking on a new brand without receiving some support. Retailers may also seek reimbursement for local advertising from suppliers as part of a retailer’s vendor support program. 2. What is a public communication campaign and how does it differ from product advertising? Give an example. Public communication campaigns are undertaken by nonprofit organizations as a conscious effort to influence the thoughts or actions of the public. The text provides an example of a public communication campaign: the Partnership for a Drug Free American has used advertising and public relations to fight teen drug use. Product advertising is designed primarily to sell a specific product. A retail ad promoting a specific brand of shampoo would be an example. 3. Explain cause marketing. How does it differ from mission marketing? Cause marketing means adopting a good cause and sponsoring its fund-raising and other community-oriented efforts. In addition to societal marketing, other companies display a corporate commitment to the community, the environment, a relevant target market cause, and positive employee relations. If this commitment reflects the company’s core business strategy,
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wells18_webreview - Chapter 18 Special Advertising...

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