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430 Chapter 19 Evaluation of Effectiveness WEB REVIEW QUESTIONS 1. What are the reasons why advertisers conduct evaluations of their advertising and marketing communication programs? The first reason is that the stakes in making an advertising misstep are high. The second reason is advertising optimization: that means reducing risk by testing, analyzing, tracking performance, and making changes where possible to increase the performance of the advertising. The third reason is to learn what works and what doesn’t—in other words, to identify best practices so a brand’s advertising continues to improve. 2. This chapter says that evaluation is most useful when based on a model of advertising response. Why is that so? According to research professionals at Ipsos, the largest U.S. provider of advertising pretesting, “Ads work best when they engage viewers’ interest, when consumers enjoy watching them, when they are relevant, and when they tell their story in a unique and interesting way.” Those are some of the dimensions of effectiveness, but there are others that also are important as we know from Chapter 4. Good evaluation plans, and the objectives found in them, are based on a model of human response to an advertisement—an idea about how advertising works. So the best starting point in setting objectives is a model that identifies key effects and guides their evaluation, which is what we developed with our Facets Model in Chapter 4. Table 19.1 groups the key factors of effectiveness and then matches them to the types of research questions that advertisers can use to determine effectiveness. 3. Give one research question for each of the six main effects from the Facets Model of advertising effectiveness. Table 19.1 will be a good tool for the students to use in answering this question. 4. What are norms and how are they used in advertising evaluation? Copytesting companies have different specialties focusing on different effectiveness dimensions. The most successful of these companies have conducted enough tests that they have developed norms for common product categories. After they pretest an
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Chapter 19: Evaluation of Effectiveness 431 ad, they are able to compare its score with others that reflect how comparable ads perform on the factors they test. Norms allow the advertiser to tell whether a particular advertisement is above or below the average for the brand or its product category. Without norms, the advertiser would not know whether a score was good or
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wells19_webreview - Chapter 19 Evaluation of Effectiveness...

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