Genetics - Lab 1 - Root Tip Mitosis

Genetics - Lab 1 - Root Tip Mitosis - USE OF ONION ROOT...

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USE OF ONION ROOT TIPS FOR MITOTIC DIVISION OBSERVATIONS Mark Meredith 15247 N. State Hwy 28, Dardanelle, AR 72834 Introduction The zone of cell division on the onion root tip is a great place to observe mitotic cell divisions. Through the observation and comparison of different regions of the root tip, the duration of mitotic stages and mitotic indexes are determined for the various divisions of the root tip. Methods Each group used a compound microscope to analyze the different sections of the onion root tip. The root tip was visually divided into four sections sized by the field of view through the microscope. Section I, the section nearest the tip, was subdivided into three divisions, A, B, and C. The first section, Section I, was used for determining the duration of mitotic divisions. The cells we then counted and classified on the basis of their mitotic stage. Cells not in a mitotic stage but in interphase were also counted. The total number of cells within the first section was determined by combining the numbers from the different classifications. The duration of mitotic stages was then determined using a formula based on the assumption that from the beginning of interphase to the end of telophase lasts about 24 hours. The mitotic index (MI), which is the percentage of cells undergoing mitosis, was determined for each division of the root tip. In order to determine the mitotic index for each region, the total number of nuclei must first be determined, and from that number, the number of cells undergoing
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Genetics - Lab 1 - Root Tip Mitosis - USE OF ONION ROOT...

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