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Donna Cantor English 100 Sec 26 28 November 2010 The Seeds We Sow The government plays a vital and essential role in protecting its citizens from harm’s way. However, in the case of new technologies, government intervening will be an obstacle for the advancement of science and technology. In the New York Times , Lisa Belkin, a journalist, publishes an article,” The Made-to-Order Savior”. In it, she depicts from a journalist point of view, the two conflicting sides of science and government, the two families had to overcome, to save the lives of their children. Belkin depicts how the parents battled ethics, doctors, and government who wanted to take all measures necessary to restrict this technology, of conceiving a child to becoming a bone marrow donor for another child, because it went against the religious notion. Barbara Kingsolver, scientist and a biologist, writes an article, “A Fist in the Eye of God”. In it, she provides her opinions and demonstrates from different angles how seeds nowadays are not growing by natural selection and how they are genetically engineered. At the same time, with altering genes of seeds, new conflicts arise and coinciding with them is the battle with the perception of capitalism. Our federal government should play a bigger role in regulating new technology. By the invention of newer technologies, new hindrances and obstacles arise. At the same time, this will pay heed to the rise of eugenics and of greater religious controversies. The fundamental concept which plays a great deal towards the advancement of new technologies is capitalism. Through the articles the readers gain insight that this technology will only aid citizens and businesses who possess money. Belkin hints to her readers this concept when she is on the verge of describing the emotions of the parents, she states, “Many Franconi
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parents have conceived second children to save their first, hoping that luck would bring them a match. These two couples became the first…not to count on luck.” (2). Belkin demonstrates to
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essay # 5 - Donna Cantor English 100 Sec 26 28 November...

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