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Community Corrections 1 Community Corrections CJS 230
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Community Corrections 2 Community Corrections is an alternative punishment or suspended sentence that supervises convicts in a secure manner outside prison or jail walls. Society is influenced by both negative and positive effects of community corrections. Although community corrections have been controversial to some, the alternative solutions to incarceration provide positive aspects for society. The economic relief and reduced prison population provided by community corrections is very effective to the correctional system. The American corrections system has been an ongoing evolution that has adapted primarily on political policy driven by the desire of society. Other nations obtain diverse perspectives on the manner in which the corrections system operates. Although results of the corrections system are not guaranteed, implementing proven solutions from across the globe may lead to improved processes that control criminal behavior. Many in society view probation as an extension of a criminal sentence or punishment and not as much as a community corrections process. Those that oppose community corrections believe an individual convicted of a crime should be incarcerated to the extent of the sentence. The ideology that many convicts will continue or begin more destructive behavior from incarceration presents a valid argument for alternative solutions. The costs may be lower with those placed on probation because the individual is not cared for by government jurisdictions (food, board, security, staff, and any special treatment needs) and many probationers are responsible for expenses that occur from certain conditions of the sentence such as treatment programs. “Probation is the principal option to imprisonment, but increasingly other intermediate
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Final - Community Corrections - Community Corrections 1...

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