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Hinduism 1 Assignment: Hinduism Paper HUM / 130 March 20, 2011
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Hinduism 2 Hinduism The Hindu religion is made up from a multiplicity of spiritual beliefs throughout the Indian subcontinent. Ancient scriptures known as “Vedas” are a significant aspect to Hinduism. Philosophical systems that were developed in ancient times are equally as significant to the Hindu religion. Worship and devotion is a key component to obtaining faith. Rituals are a foundation of the Hindu religion and considered a way of life. The desire for liberation from earthly existence is the whole facet of the Hindu religion. The Hindu culture has several spiritual branches but all are united in the belief of acceptance to all living things. Religion Most Indian religious sects were categorized together by outsiders in order to simplify census-taking of the Indus River region. Hinduism is not considered a traditional religion but more of an absolute reality by those who follow the beliefs. Sanatana Dharma is another term used today for the Hindu religion. Spiritual beliefs are vast among Hindu followers and are very diverse. According to Living Religions (2005), “The spiritual expressions of Sanatana Dharma range from extreme asceticism to extreme sensuality, from the heights of personal devotion to a deity to the heights of abstract philosophy, from metaphysical proclamations of the oneness behind the material world to worship of images representing a multiplicity of deities.” (Chapter 3: Hinduism, p. 69). Scripture
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Assignment - Hinduism Paper - Hinduism 1 Assignment:...

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