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Assignment - Inside Criminal Law - Inside Criminal Law 1...

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The purpose of criminal law is to establish written laws and make them accessible to all citizens. The laws and ordinances are legal requirements set forth by society to maintain the social values of the people. The purpose of producing written laws are; inform the citizens of acts that are illegal and make them aware of the government responsibilities to follow procedures to establish innocence or guilt. One function of criminal law is to protect and punish known as the legal function of the law. The focus of this function is to protect society from any criminal harm. Harm can be constituted as an act against an individual’s physical safety or their property. The cause of murder or assault would be an act of harm on one’s physical safety where arson or theft would be a cause of harm to one’s property. Unsafe areas such as poorly constructed buildings, polluted environment, unsafe foods, and unsafe products are areas of harm against society as a whole. Another function of criminal law is to maintain and teach or the social function of the law. Reflecting the values of society and maintaining the norms established by society is a focus in the social function. Teaching is an ongoing issue through criminal law and one will learn by witnessing the punishments given for criminal actions. Arresting and punishing those that commit crimes is considered a teaching principle to society. Written Sources of American criminal law are; Constitutional Law, Statutory Law,
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Assignment - Inside Criminal Law - Inside Criminal Law 1...

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