Assignment - Judges - Judges 1 Assignment: Judges CJS / 220...

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Judges 1 Assignment: Judges CJS / 220
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Judges 2 Prior to the beginning of any trial and continued beyond the outcome of a trial the judge is responsible for many decisions. Many trials begin with the process of obtaining a warrant to retrieve evidence or arrest a suspect. Judges have the responsibility of determining whether sufficient grounds authorize a warrant to be issued. The determination of the judge must be made strictly from the facts and legal issues. Once an arrest is made the judge continues their role as a decision-maker. Most jurisdictions require the judge to determine if bail should be granted and if so setting the appropriate bail. Pre-trial motions are a continued role of the judge and present responsibilities of the nature of the trial. Establishing what evidence is acceptable and setting rules for prosecution and defense strategies are applied through the judge’s determinations. Also a judge is responsible for approving plea-bargain deals from the defense and prosecution and must ensure they are based on legal criteria of the justice system. Once pre-trial motions are concluded the process of jury selection begins for jury trials. In some states the judge is actually involved in the question process of potential jurors. When the prosecution and defense attorneys conduct the questioning of potential jurors, judges must ensure that potential jurors are impartial and that they do not provide any bias toward the system or defendant. Responsibilities of the judge continue throughout the trial process as they manage the daily activities of the courtroom. Jury trials present the responsible aspect of the judge in a referee style approach. The judge must inform the jurors of the legal ramifications of
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Assignment - Judges - Judges 1 Assignment: Judges CJS / 220...

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