CheckPoint - Implicit Association Test

CheckPoint - Implicit Association Test - Although one...

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Implicit Association Test 1 CheckPoint: Implicit Association Test ETH/125
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Implicit Association Test 2 My data from the Race – Weapons IAT results suggest a moderate association of Black Americans with Weapons compared to White Americans. I believe the results to be somewhat valid but would argue that my true feelings are much less than the test indicated. The test is set to work at a fast pace and I believe I focused much of my attention worrying about answering questions fast enough. Although I do not agree completely with the test results, I do believe I have an unconscious automatic association of Black Americans with weapons compared to White Americans with weapons. I truly believe the association is not intentional but I may have been influenced to this automatic association due to influences in my early years of education. I believe it is extremely difficult to accurately measure prejudice because many are educated from family, friends, and media to believe in certain stereotypical ways.
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Unformatted text preview: Although one understands everyone deserves equal rights and equal treatment, the early influences of life are difficult to overcome. Our unconscious thoughts are programmed into our minds and may never be completely eliminated. Measurements sociologists utilize to calculate prejudice other than the IAT, are experiments in ones reaction to certain situations. Gauging reactions to constructed situations can determine the unconscious association one has toward a group. Another manner sociologists use to calculate prejudice is surveys or questionnaires to open-ended questions. The unconscious reaction and answer to such questions can reveal characteristics one has toward others. Although these forms of measuring prejudice may have some truth, I believe they are inaccurate to some degree. My belief is that we all may contain unconscious thoughts instilled in our minds but our true feelings can override those associations....
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CheckPoint - Implicit Association Test - Although one...

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